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We have adopted Algorithm trading method for best performance with minimum 10% monthly profit and draw down, Global Trade Investment Solutions is striving to give best services. We have developed investment programs that appeal to both the conservative investor and the investor seeking more aggressive growth opportunities. Global Trade Investment Solutions has more than 8 years’ experience in forex trading. Our aim is to provide great returns to investors and moreover safety of their investment. You can completely rely on us without giving a second thought. Invest with Global Trade Investment Solutions and reap the benefits of trading in forex.

GLOBAL TRADE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS any individual investor or group of investors can access the same trading resources enjoyed by the large Financial Corporations, Hedge Funds or Investment Banks.

Implements its automatic trading robots so that any person or entity can achieve the same profitability that we obtain in our own funds and that, consulting the past, have already been achieved with a perfectly risk management..

Activates its automatic software in the nominative account where the INVESTOR funds are deposited in a broker. The INVESTOR can keep track from his/her mobile phone or computer how our robot works and how it conducts operations to the market.

Over a million registered clients have chosen Global Trade Investment Solutions as their broker

At any time the INVESTOR can withdraw his money from the broker’s accounts, of course without any fine or cost.

Only charges for his provided services if there are monthly PROFITS. In such case, on the 1st of each month the broker will automatically withdraw 30% of the BENEFITS to the account of GLOBAL TRADE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS; belonging to the INVESTOR the remaining 70% of the monthly benefits obtained, in addition to the main deposit that already existed at the beginning of each month.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, and especially after the financial crisis of 2007, the large Financial Corporations, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks and the largest Financial Institutions in the world have been conducting their operations in the currency markets (FOREX) based on decisions that take computer programs, what is called Algorithmic, Automatic or Quantitative Trading.

The increase in calculation capacity and the speed of computers is allowing algorithmic trading to reach levels of development unimaginable years ago. But what is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic Trading can be defined as the automation of the purchase / sale process in the financial market that performs a “software” without human intervention.

Until now, a complex mathematical and statistical system has been developed that integrates many elements (algorithm), and after programming and testing the last 15-20 years, it has been possible to consistently obtain short-term benefits. medium and long term.